Low Level ISEE Reading Practice Test 75

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This story is adapted from an African folktale that explains why the sun and moon are in the sky.

1 Long ago, the sun and the moon and the
2 water all lived on Earth. The sun and moon
3 were married and they were friends with
4 the water. The sun and moon often went to
5 visit the water where he lived, but the water
6 never returned their visits.
7 One day, the moon said to the water,
8 "Why do you never come to visit us?"
9 The water replied, "My people and I
10 take up a lot of room. I do not think you have
11 enough room in your house for all my people
12 and me. I would like to visit you, but I do not
13 want to crowd your home."
14 The moon said, "Well, then we shall
15 build a bigger house so that you can visit."
16 "I would like that," said the water, "but
17 it must be a very big place."
18 So the moon and the sun built a huge
19 palace. It took many months, but finally it
20 was finished. They sent word to the water to
21 come and visit.
22 The next day, the water came. It stayed
23 outside the gates and called inside. "I have
24 arrived, my friends. Shall I come in?"
25 The sun and moon said together, "Yes,
26 of course. Come in." So the water came
27 through the gates. So, too, came the fishes
28 and the crabs and the other water-dwelling
29 creatures.
30 The water filled the palace so much that
31 the sun and moon were forced to move up
32 to the top floor. "Are you sure you want me
33 to continue?" the water asked.
34 "Of course, come in," said the sun and
35 moon. So the water continued.
36 Soon the water had filled the house
37 completely, and the sun and moon were
38 perched on the roof. "Are you sure?" asked
39 the water.
40 "Yes, yes. You are welcome here," said
41 the moon and sun. And so the water flowed
42 more, until the moon and sun had to jump
43 into the sky. They have stayed there ever
44 since.

1. The primary purpose of this passage is to

  • A. describe how to build a large and expensive palace
  • B. describe how water flows in a flood
  • C. explain how the sun and moon got into the sky
  • D. provide information about sea creatures

2. The sun and moon can best be described as

  • A. assertive
  • B. friendly
  • C. grumpy
  • D. selfish

3. In the beginning of the story, why does the water never come to visit the sun and moon?

  • A. The sun and moon have never invited the water to their home.
  • B. The water does not really like the sun and moon.
  • C. The water lives too far away from the sun and moon to make the trip.
  • D. The water thinks there is not enough space where the sun and moon live.

4. When the water says "my people" in line 9, he is referring to

  • A. the creatures that live in the trees
  • B. the creatures that live in the water
  • C. the sun and the moon
  • D. the workers who build the palace

5. In line 38, "perched" most nearly means

  • A. got very thirsty
  • B. laughed heartily
  • C. looked like a fish
  • D. sat on the edge