Middel and Upper Levels ISEE Reading Practice Test 61

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1. Which of the following best tells what this passage is about?

  • A. How the large variety of factors some scientists deal with makes absolute scientific accuracy impossible
  • B. How Newton solved the problem of accuracy and science
  • C. How "hard" science is more important than "soft" science
  • D. Why science now uses less and less conclusive evidence

2. According to the passage, it can be inferred that the scientific method would work best in which of the following situations?

  • A. Predicting public reactions to a set of policy decisions
  • B. Identifying the factors that will predict a California earthquake
  • C. Predicting the amount of corn that an acre will yield when a particular type of fertilizer is used
  • D. Calculating how much a cubic centimeter of water will weigh when cooled under controlled conditions

3. The author suggests that accurately predicting the path of a planetary probe is more difficult than

  • A. forecasting the weather
  • B. determining when an earthquake will occur
  • C. predicting economic behavior
  • D. determining the gravitational influence of one planet

4. According to the passage, "hard" science can be distinguished from "soft" science by which of the following characteristics?

  • A. Finding precise answers to its questions
  • B. Identifying important questions that need answers
  • C. Making significant contributions to human welfare
  • D. Creating debates about unresolved issues

5. The author implies that when confronted with complex questions, scientists base their opinions

  • A. on theoretical foundations
  • B. more on intuition than on science
  • C. on science and intuition, in varying degrees
  • D. on experimental procedures