All Levels ISEE Reading Practice Test 59

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1. It can be inferred from the second paragraph that English vocabulary

  • A. is easy to learn for speakers of other languages
  • B. can claim many sources
  • C. has a longer history than that of many other languages
  • D. affects American politics

2. The author mentions the words "kindergarten," "croissant," and "cheetah" most likely because

  • A. they are words with unknown origins
  • B. etymologists dispute words like these
  • C. they represent words that are similarly spelled and spoken in two languages
  • D. English speakers find them difficult to pronounce

3. According to the passage, etymologists are

  • A. investigators of word history
  • B. lovers of vocabulary words
  • C. scientists of the five senses
  • D. archeologists of extinct languages

4. Which of the following best states the purpose of the fourth and fifth paragraphs?

  • A. To illustrate another non-English word
  • B. To define the phrase "OK"
  • C. To show an interesting aspect of etymology
  • D. To compare American phrases

5. The primary purpose of the passage is to

  • A. provide information about the English language
  • B. discuss enjoyable aspects of the study of words
  • C. show that language plays an important role in politics
  • D. describe the origin of the phrase "OK"