Low Level ISEE Reading Practice Test 57

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1. The primary purpose of the passage is to

  • A. convince the reader that the Brooklyn Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world
  • B. describe Washington Roebling's rise to success
  • C. show that Americans have an inborn talent for inventiveness
  • D. describe how the Brooklyn Bridge was a great success despite the hardships faced in building it

2. It can be inferred from the third paragraph that Washington Roebling

  • A. was injured by a ferry
  • B. was determined to build the bridge despite many setbacks
  • C. suffered from depression after his injury
  • D. had a son who completed the building of the bridge

3. Which one of the following is given as a difficulty faced in building the Brooklyn Bridge?

  • A. An excessive number of pylons in the East River
  • B. An outbreak of tetanus among the workers
  • C. The death of the man who envisioned the bridge
  • D. A lack of funds to keep building

4. Washington Roebling can best be described as

  • A. persistent
  • B. weak
  • C. clumsy
  • D. dangerous

5. Which of the following is NOT stated about the Brooklyn Bridge?

  • A. It was a sign of American power.
  • B. It cost millions of dollars to build.
  • C. It was not worth the money lost in building it.
  • D. It has been seen in the movies.