All Levels ISEE Reading Practice Test 55

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1. This passage is primarily about

  • A. the Vikings and their civilization
  • B. the waves of Viking immigration
  • C. sailing techniques of Bjarni Herjolfsson
  • D. one Viking's glimpse of the New World

2. What was the author's purpose in writing this passage?

  • A. To turn the reader against Italian adventurers
  • B. To show his disdain for Eric the Red
  • C. To demonstrate the Vikings' nautical skills
  • D. To correct a common misconception about the European discovery of America

3. According to the passage, Bjarni Herjolfsson left Norway to

  • A. found a new colony
  • B. open trading lanes
  • C. visit a relative
  • D. map the North Sea

4. Bjarni's reaction upon landing in Iceland can best be described as

  • A. disappointed
  • B. satisfied
  • C. amused
  • D. indifferent

5. "The crew lost their bearings" probably means that

  • A. the ship was damaged beyond repair
  • B. the crew became disoriented
  • C. the crew decided to mutiny
  • D. the crew went insane

6. It can be inferred from the passage that, prior to Bjarni Herjolfsson's voyage, Greenland

  • A. was covered in grass and shrubs
  • B. was overrun with Vikings
  • C. was rich in fish and game
  • D. was as far west as the Vikings had traveled

7. With which of the following statements about Viking explorers would the author most probably agree?

  • A. Greenland and Iceland were the Vikings' final discoveries.
  • B. Viking explorers were cruel and savage.
  • C. The Vikings' most startling discovery was an accidental one.
  • D. Bjarni Herjolfsson was the first settler of America.