ISEE Reading Practice Test 53 Upper Level

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1. Which of the following best states the main idea of the passage?

  • A. The beginning of Bob Dylan's music career is similar to the beginnings of the careers of most other musicians.
  • B. It is extremely important to follow your dreams.
  • C. Bob Dylan never really knew what he wanted to be in life.
  • D. Bob Dylan had great success despite his unusual style of singing.

2. The word "prominence" at the end of the third paragraph most nearly means

  • A. perception
  • B. status
  • C. obviousness
  • D. protrusion

3. The passage most strongly supports which of the following statements about Joan Baez?

  • A. She was jealous of Bob Dylan's superior vocal training.
  • B. She grew up in Minnesota.
  • C. She has performed more of Bob Dylan's songs than of her own.
  • D. She helped Bob Dylan to become a music legend.

4. The phrase "king of songs" near the beginning of the fourth paragraph refers to

  • A. Bob Dylan's prolific nature as a singer/songwriter
  • B. Bob Dylan's ownership of Rolling Stone magazine
  • C. how most musicians regarded Bob Dylan as a king
  • D. Bob Dylan's perception of himself

5. Which of the following is best supported by the passage?

  • A. Bob Dylan has two brothers.
  • B. Bob Dylan was reviewed by Columbia Records his first year in New York.
  • C. Like a Rolling Stone is considered by some to be the best song of all time.
  • D. Without Joan Baez, Bob Dylan would never have succeeded.