ISEE Reading Practice Test 49 Lower Level

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1. Which one of the following is the most obvious effect of the tides?

  • A. A part of the beach that was once dry is now under water.
  • B. Floods cause great damage during heavy rainstorms.
  • C. The moon is not visible.
  • D. Water falls.

2. The word "lunar" most nearly means

  • A. weak
  • B. strong
  • C. destructive
  • D. related to the moon

3. It can be inferred from the passage that if one were to travel to the moon

  • A. that water would be found on its surface
  • B. that an object, if dropped, would float away from the surface of the moon
  • C. that tides are more dramatic during the day than during the night
  • D. that an object, if dropped, would fall to the moon's surface

4. The author's primary purpose in writing this passage is to

  • A. prove the existence of water on the moon
  • B. refute claims that tides are caused by the moon
  • C. explain the main cause of the ocean's tides
  • D. argue that humans should not interfere with the processes of nature