ISEE Upper Level Reading Comprehension Practice Test 42

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1. The author most likely included the quotation from the U.S. Constitution in lines 1–6 in order to

  • A. illustrate the wording used in the Constitution
  • B. explain the reason for the State of the Union address
  • C. demonstrate how different Presidents have interpreted the same provision
  • D. point out the difference between a constitutional duty and a custom

2. The phrase "from time to time" in lines 1–2 has been interpreted to mean

  • A. once in a while
  • B. in a timely manner
  • C. annually
  • D. when time allows

3. U.S. Presidents deliver State of the Union messages primarily because they

  • A. are following a tradition started by George Washington
  • B. are required to do so by the U.S. Constitution
  • C. need to fulfill campaign promises
  • D. are trying to unify opposing factions

4. Thomas Jefferson's State of the Union address differed from Washington's address in that Jefferson

  • A. spoke first to the Senate and then to the House of Representatives
  • B. broadcast his message on radio
  • C. did not deliver his address in person
  • D. had his speech printed in the newspaper

5. In the first half of the twentieth century, the State of the Union address was forever changed by

  • A. the advent of radio and television
  • B. Thomas Jefferson
  • C. Lyndon Johnson
  • D. newspaper coverage of the speech

6. Which of the following questions is answered by the information in the passage?

  • A. How many presidents have delivered spoken State of the Union messages?
  • B. When is the State of the Union message delivered?
  • C. Why did Woodrow Wilson revive the spoken State of the Union message?
  • D. Which president delivered the first televised State of the Union message?