ISEE Middle Level Reading Comprehension Practice Test 40

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1. In the first paragraph the author establishes a mood of

  • A. promise
  • B. serenity
  • C. hostility
  • D. foreboding

2. As used in line 1 the word, "broken" most nearly means

  • A. dawned
  • B. separated
  • C. shattered
  • D. interrupted

3. The statement that "It was a steep bank, and he paused for breath at the top, excusing the act to himself by looking at his watch" (lines 7–10) suggests that the man

  • A. was worried about running late
  • B. was not accustomed to hiking in the Yukon
  • C. was disoriented by the extreme cold
  • D. had traveled farther than he thought

4. The discussion of spitting into the air (lines 20–27) serves primarily to suggest

  • A. the strangeness of the landscape
  • B. the gloom of the day
  • C. the frustration of the dog
  • D. the severity of the cold

5. In line 22, the author includes the detail that the sharp, explosive crackle "startled him" primarily to emphasize

  • A. the man's fragile state of mind
  • B. how eerily quiet it had become
  • C. that it was colder than the man thought
  • D. the danger the man was in

6. Which word best describes how the author regards the man in the story?

  • A. clever
  • B. cautious
  • C. ambitious
  • D. foolish

7. With which of the following statements is the author most likely to agree?

  • A. The dog is wiser than the man.
  • B. The dog is unfazed by the cold.
  • C. The man is jealous of the dog.
  • D. The man is right to press on.