ISEE Middle Level Reading Comprehension Practice Test 39

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1. Paragraph 1 is primarily concerned with

  • A. the origin of the scientific classification Sirenia
  • B. the similarities between manatees and mermaids
  • C. how manatees cause shipwrecks
  • D. a comparison between manatees and dugongs

2. As used in line 8, "mesmerizing" most nearly means

  • A. discordant
  • B. high pitched
  • C. hypnotic
  • D. mysterious

3. The passage supports which of the following conclusions?

  • A. Manatees are like other marine mammals in their diet.
  • B. Manatees leave the water only to give birth.
  • C. Because of their low metabolism, manatees tolerate cold water well.
  • D. All sirenians are endangered.

4. The author develops paragraph 2 by presenting

  • A. two sides of an issue
  • B. a thesis followed by specific examples
  • C. a description of similarities and differences
  • D. an opinion and reasons why it is held

5. According to the passage, manatees prefer the shallow coastal waters of Florida because of which of the following?

I. Availability of vegetation

II. Favorable water temperatures

III. Safety

  • A. I only
  • B. I and II only
  • C. II only
  • D. I, II, and III

6. Which of the following represents the number of pounds of food an average adult manatee consumes in a day?

  • A. 10–15
  • B. 100–150
  • C. 352–544
  • D. 800–1,000