ISEE Lower Level Reading Comprehension Practice Test 30

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1. The tone of the passage suggests that the author regards the newly married couple with

  • A. embarrassment
  • B. disrespect
  • C. sympathy
  • D. scorn

2. Which word best describes the newly wed couple?

  • A. well-to-do
  • B. sad
  • C. unpleasant
  • D. unsophisticated

3. When this passage takes place, the bride and groom are most probably

  • A. in a hotel
  • B. on a stagecoach
  • C. in a diner
  • D. on a train

4. As it is used in line 24, the word "furtive" most nearly means

  • A. stealthy
  • B. steady
  • C. focused
  • D. unabashed

5. The narrator of this story is

  • A. the groom
  • B. the bride
  • C. an outside observer
  • D. an adult looking back on his life

6. The main purpose of this passage is to

  • A. express an opinion
  • B. introduce characters and setting
  • C. resolve a crisis
  • D. set up a conflict between two characters

7. By saying, "It was quite apparent that she had cooked, and that she expected to cook, dutifully," the author is suggesting that the bride

  • A. expects to eat out regularly
  • B. has led a life of hard work
  • C. has never eaten in a restaurant before
  • D. wants to learn more about cooking