What Is the SSAT Writing Sample?

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What Is the SSAT Writing Sample?

At the beginning of each SSAT testing session, you must write a 25-minute essay on a given topic. You will have a choice of two topics, a creative writing topic and an essay-type topic. This essay is not scored. It is duplicated and sent to each school as a sample of your ability to express yourself in writing under the same conditions as all other candidates for admission to the school.

The directions for the SSAT writing sample look similar to this:

Directions: Read the topics, choose the one you find most interesting, and organize your essay before writing. Write a legible essay on the paper provided.

Here is a sample SSAT essay topic. Try to organize and write an essay on this topic.

Topic: Bad things always happen in threes.

Do you agree or disagree? Support your position with examples from your own experience, the experience of others, current events, or your reading.

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