Low Level ISEE Sentence Completion Practice Test 31

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1. Sasha's friends think she is outgoing and talkative, but when she meets people for the first time she is often ------.

  • A. friendly
  • B. privileged
  • C. shy
  • D. sociable

2. Ms. Lin reviewed all the essays so that she could ------ each student's writing.

  • A. deny
  • B. emphasize
  • C. evaluate
  • D. ignore

3. A snapping turtle's neck can ------ to catch fish far away from its body.

  • A. blend
  • B. extend
  • C. retract
  • D. wander

4. The young man dressed carefully for his job interview because he wanted to ------ the interviewer.

  • A. annoy
  • B. discourage
  • C. employ
  • D. impress

5. Scientists spend a lot of time studying ants, bees, and other ------ insects that live and work together in large groups.

  • A. aquatic
  • B. social
  • C. uninteresting
  • D. wingless

6. Because the domestic cat cleans its fur thoroughly with its rough tongue, it rarely becomes ------.

  • A. distracted
  • B. soiled
  • C. tidy
  • D. washed

7. Everyone said Jaquinta was an ------ person because she always asked a lot of questions.

  • A. inquisitive
  • B. intense
  • C. organized
  • D. unpredictable

8. Although Wanda has taken violin lessons for three years, her ------ is actually to play sports.

  • A. possibility
  • B. preference
  • C. question
  • D. routine

9. People who obey the law and try not to hurt anyone are not likely to become ------.

  • A. happy
  • B. infamous
  • C. quiet
  • D. serene