ISEE Upper Level Sentence Completion Practice Test 11

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1. A police officer's _____ job is to prevent crime.

  • A. primary
  • B. only
  • C. ostentatious
  • D. ostensible

2. The candidate's inability to connect with middle-class voters was his greatest _____.

  • A. virtue
  • B. extinction
  • C. shortcoming
  • D. performance

3. Despite religious differences, the family _____ clashes by respecting each other's values.

  • A. denied
  • B. averted
  • C. condescended
  • D. declined

4. While marketing to health-conscious consumers will _____ a restaurant change, it will also have an effect in supermarkets.

  • A. denigrate
  • B. cancel
  • C. encourage
  • D. emit

5. Despite the politician's overwhelming loss, he _____ his popularity with a small core of followers.

  • A. revoked
  • B. maintained
  • C. restrained
  • D. encouraged

6. The decision to seek therapeutic treatment is often provoked by a(n) _____, such as an arrest or a domestic dispute.

  • A. dearth
  • B. crisis
  • C. enigma
  • D. casualty

7. Knowing that any particular new business can _____, Joshua avoided investing in one even if the potential _____ was high.

  • A. succeed ... down side
  • B. reduce ... profit
  • C. do well ... monies
  • D. fail ... payoff

8. Because of the _____ caused by the flood, living conditions in the area have _____; many people have lost all of their belongings.

  • A. trepidation ... augmented
  • B. morass ... careened
  • C. devastation ... deteriorated
  • D. vertigo ... ameliorated

9. The management is providing all needed building facilities to help the scientists _____ their research project.

  • A. magnify
  • B. retard
  • C. relinquish
  • D. implement

10. We can easily forgo a _____ we have never had, but once obtained it often is looked upon as being _____.

  • A. requirement ... unusual
  • B. gift ... useless
  • C. luxury ... essential
  • D. bonus ... unearned

11. The ------ of such innovations as the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the light bulb, Thomas Edison contributed to the creation of new industries such as sound recording, motion pictures, and electric light.

  • A. builder
  • B. inventor
  • C. protégé
  • D. villain

12. The medicinal use of leeches dates back thousands of years, common in many civilizations including ancient India and Greece; although the practice declined with the rise of modern medicine, it has ------ in recent decades as leeches have proved useful for microsurgeries.

  • A. disappeared
  • B. rebounded
  • C. remained
  • D. responded

13. The tutor's directions were so ------ that the student could not offer the excuse that the directions were confusing.

  • A. explicit
  • B. fictional
  • C. heartfelt
  • D. mysterious

14. The singing show applicant looked embarrassed by the applause after her audition, as if she ------ that her efforts had clearly fallen short.

  • A. acknowledged
  • B. emphasized
  • C. imagined
  • D. rejected

15. By 2014, individual devices such as digital cameras, GPS navigators, and MP3 players, which had seemed so ------ a few years earlier, had become less necessary as smart phones performed all those functions in a single gadget.

  • A. genuine
  • B. indispensable
  • C. unfashionable
  • D. vibrant