ISEE Upper Level Verbal: Sentence Completion Practice Test 13

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1. A combination of healthy eating, a full night's sleep, and regular hand-washing is the ------ offered by most doctors as the best way to avoid getting the flu.

  • A. counsel
  • B. distraction
  • C. enigma
  • D. limitation

2. When outbreaks of the disease pellagra spread throughout the American South in the early 1900s, doctors mistakenly ------ blame to a germ or toxin; by the 1920s, doctors understood the condition was caused by a deficiency of Vitamin A.

  • A. ascribed
  • B. catered
  • C. cleared
  • D. provoked

3. The holidays remind us each year that relationships with family and friends, not wealth or material goods, ------ true happiness.

  • A. complicate
  • B. demean
  • C. foster
  • D. recognize

4. Fats and carbohydrates, which were ------ by different diet fads in the 1990s and 2000s, are now recommended as part of a healthy eating regimen as long as they are consumed in moderate amounts.

  • A. denounced
  • B. extended
  • C. influenced
  • D. irritated

5. Granite, which resists stains and scratches, is a better choice for kitchen countertops than marble, which is easily ------.

  • A. absorbed
  • B. marred
  • C. recognized
  • D. repelled

6. Despite her ------ about her uncertain future, the graduate ------ in the praise that the ceremony celebrated.

  • A. apprehension … basked
  • B. concern … fretted
  • C. glee … wallowed
  • D. optimism … reveled

7. When people follow too ------ a budget throughout the year, they are likely to lose control and ------ on vacation and return home to a stack of unpayable bills.

  • A. frugal … stint
  • B. indulgent … repent
  • C. lax … celebrate
  • D. strict … splurge

8. Because the actress was known for choosing ------ characters to portray, critics praised her latest role as the villain, a ------ departure sure to surprise her fans.

  • A. despicable … welcome
  • B. sentimental … soothing
  • C. sympathetic … fearless
  • D. volatile … predictable

9. If voters used ------ instead of ------ to cast their ballots, the public would enjoy a more logical government.

  • A. contemplation … consideration
  • B. deliberation … impulse
  • C. emotion … apathy
  • D. prejudice … pride

10. Agreeing to the sponsors' ------, the speaker ------ the presentation and ended the event early.

  • A. entreaty … extended
  • B. legacy … dispatched
  • C. request … suspended
  • D. whim … resumed

11. When the dictator launched a brutal crackdown on democracy demonstrations, his actions were ------ by human rights supporters.

  • A. applauded
  • B. decried
  • C. endorsed
  • D. tolerated

12. The enemy's surprise counter-attack ------ a change in tactics if the allies were to maintain their advantage.

  • A. contracted
  • B. imagined
  • C. necessitated
  • D. prevented

13. After mounting pressure from the international community and years of economic sanctions, South Africa ------ its oppression of the black majority and system of whites-only government known as apartheid.

  • A. depicted
  • B. enforced
  • C. recognized
  • D. renounced

14. In 1964, the Surgeon General issued the first ------ on cigarettes, telling people that smoking was one of the leading causes of lung cancer.

  • A. advertisement
  • B. portrayal
  • C. position
  • D. warning

15. After several noisy disruptions, the judge ordered the trial closed to the public, effectively ------ protestors in her courtroom.

  • A. barring
  • B. exonerating
  • C. foreseeing
  • D. inviting