Middle Level ISEE Sentence Completion Practice Test 30

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1. While many species, such as wolves, travel in groups, the cheetah is a ------- animal.

  • A. dangerous
  • B. pack
  • C. solitary
  • D. territorial

2. During his years in the Senate, Jones felt -------- about speaking up at all, while most of the other senators were aggressive and argumentative.

  • A. blithe
  • B. contented
  • C. favorable
  • D. timid

3. The politician's speech was so ------- that nearly everyone in the room decided not to vote for him.

  • A. feeble
  • B. monotonous
  • C. persuasive
  • D. unique

4. The corporation did not have a ------- system for promotions; each department was free to use its own discretion in advancing employees.

  • A. dignified
  • B. favorable
  • C. forgiving
  • D. uniform

5. Only from years of training can a gymnast hope to become ------- enough to master Olympic-level techniques.

  • A. agile
  • B. mature
  • C. passive
  • D. strict

6. Though Mr. Fenster was known to be ------- toward his neighbors, he always welcomed their children as trick-or-treaters at Halloween.

  • A. belligerent
  • B. cheerful
  • C. courteous
  • D. direct

7. The ------- young man talked back to his parents and teachers alike.

  • A. dreary
  • B. insolent
  • C. nervous
  • D. respectful

8. While the painting's brushstrokes seem --------, they are actually carefully planned out.

  • A. flagrant
  • B. haphazard
  • C. intricate
  • D. paltry

9. The Declaration of Independence is premised upon -------- principles, such as protecting life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  • A. united
  • B. lofty
  • C. predictable
  • D. variable

10. Our teacher advised us not to get too caught up in the -------- of information in the textbook, or we could lose the "big picture" of its theory.

  • A. minutiae
  • B. principles
  • C. scope
  • D. thought