Middle Level ISEE Sentence Completion Practice Test 29

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1. Myron was able to remain completely -------; he never took sides in any of the disagreements around the house.

  • A. biased
  • B. interested
  • C. neutral
  • D. thoughtful

2. Since the great drought left the soil completely useless, the people of that country were forced to ------- food from other countries.

  • A. export
  • B. import
  • C. report on
  • D. sell

3. Because he was annoyed by even the smallest grammatical error, Mr. Jones reviewed all the students' papers ------- before grading them.

  • A. crudely
  • B. helplessly
  • C. inefficiently
  • D. meticulously

4. Eric doesn't merely dislike racism; he ------- it.

  • A. abhors
  • B. moderates
  • C. questions
  • D. studies

5. Sharon's anger was too great: David simply could not -------- her with his charm.

  • A. irritate
  • B. manipulate
  • C. pacify
  • D. terrify

6. Even though the accident led to serious damage to our property, our -------- lawyer didn't present a convincing argument and we received no compensation.

  • A. discerning
  • B. fatalistic
  • C. incompetent
  • D. professional

7. After months of petty disputes, the two countries finally decided to sit down at a table and have a ------- discussion.

  • A. friendly
  • B. hostile
  • C. lengthy
  • D. pressing

8. Although the thief claimed that he accidentally picked up the stolen watch, the jury judged his action -------.

  • A. deliberate
  • B. frantic
  • C. impractical
  • D. misguided

9. In order to be a good doctor, you don't need to be ------- yourself, just as a good architect does not have to live in a fancy house.

  • A. educated
  • B. handsome
  • C. healthy
  • D. thoughtful

10. Pete -------- his coach when he followed up his winning season with an even better performance this year.

  • A. disappointed
  • B. gratified
  • C. relieved
  • D. upset