All Levels ISEE Sentence Completion Practice Test 22

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1. Not one to be easily intimidated, the corporal remained ------- while the opposing army pressed toward his troop's position.

  • A. commanding
  • B. composed
  • C. aggressive
  • D. communicative

2. Unlike her confident companion, she tended to be ------- when she found herself among strangers.

  • A. lively
  • B. friendly
  • C. crowded
  • D. bashful

3. Although the rest of the class laughed at her antics, the teacher was ------- by Shelly's constant interruptions.

  • A. irked
  • B. amused
  • C. consoled
  • D. confused

4. To avoid being penalized for tardiness, you should be ------- with your assignments.

  • A. original
  • B. punctual
  • C. precise
  • D. thorough

5. Carpentry and cabinet-making are such difficult trades that they require great ------- with woodworking tools.

  • A. adeptness
  • B. alertness
  • C. awareness
  • D. assertiveness

6. One of the most ecologically diverse places on Earth, the tropical rain forests of Brazil are home to an incredible ------- of insect species.

  • A. size
  • B. collection
  • C. range
  • D. group

7. Higher math is a very ------- discipline; it requires just as much imagination and insight as do any of the arts.

  • A. logical
  • B. creative
  • C. new
  • D. surprising

8. Many tribes in New Guinea are known for their ------- societies; all property belongs to all members of the tribe.

  • A. primitive
  • B. communal
  • C. ancient
  • D. savage

9. Because their roots are external and their leaf bases clasp, palm trees are rigid and upright, yet ------- enough to bend in strong winds.

  • A. tropical
  • B. vibrant
  • C. elastic
  • D. flamboyant

10. Though some assert that all behavior is learned, there are others who hold that some behaviors are -------, existing before any learning occurs.

  • A. ostentatious
  • B. innate
  • C. durable
  • D. cultural