All Levels ISEE Sentence Completion Practice Test 21

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1. Despite their seemingly ------- architecture, the pyramids of Giza are actually intricate marvels of ancient engineering.

  • A. revolutionary
  • B. complex
  • C. archaic
  • D. simplistic

2. Unlike animals, which must seek sustenance in their surrounding environment, plants are able to ------- their own food.

  • A. find
  • B. digest
  • C. gather
  • D. manufacture

3. Great variations in successive layers of polar ice make it possible for scientists to determine how the climate has ------- over the past millennium.

  • A. migrated
  • B. altered
  • C. tended
  • D. petrified

4. Because of the rigors of mountain climbing, the team needs equipment that is both ------- enough to support two members and completely reliable.

  • A. weighty
  • B. consistent
  • C. sturdy
  • D. innovative

5. For a student to qualify for the foreign study program, good language skills are absolutely necessary; however, prior travel to the host country is -------.

  • A. inevitable
  • B. mandatory
  • C. plausible
  • D. optional

6. The task was very ------- because certain parts needed to be carried out over and over again.

  • A. standard
  • B. enjoyable
  • C. tiresome
  • D. common

7. Because the ground there was steep and dangerous, the mountain guide told us that it was ------- to approach the edge.

  • A. encouraged
  • B. forbidden
  • C. important
  • D. possible

8. Most members of the drama club, though reserved in real life, are quite ------- once they get on stage.

  • A. dynamic
  • B. quarrelsome
  • C. threatening
  • D. behaved

9. Physicians offer recommendations about food groups and eating habits in order to help their patients follow a more ------- diet.

  • A. total
  • B. hearty
  • C. balanced
  • D. fulfilling

10. Fund-raising is effective only when ------- individuals are available, showing their concern by their readiness to give.

  • A. popular
  • B. famous
  • C. selfless
  • D. meaningful