All Levels ISEE Sentence Completion Practice Test 20

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1. The leading man's rehearsals were so ------ that the director and producer were already imagining what a hit the movie would be.

  • A. indignant
  • B. overacted
  • C. trite
  • D. imaginative

2. Once very -------, computers are now found in almost every home.

  • A. common
  • B. unusual
  • C. obtainable
  • D. simple

3. After playing more than a dozen different concert halls, the orchestra was praised by critics for its ------ rendition of Beethoven's famous Fifth Symphony.

  • A. unimaginative
  • B. typical
  • C. moving
  • D. loud

4. Although Miles had been unable to sleep the night before, he seemed remarkably ------- when he gave his presentation.

  • A. worn
  • B. tired
  • C. presentable
  • D. alert

5. Julie was ------- to have been in the right place at the right time; the drama coach gave her the lead in our class play.

  • A. fortunate
  • B. inspired
  • C. dramatic
  • D. impressive

6. Mr. Jones is an intelligent and ------- teacher; his knowledge is matched only by his concern for his students.

  • A. caring
  • B. experienced
  • C. unusual
  • D. original

7. To the casual observer, all fingerprints may appear to be -------, but in fact, each individual's prints are unique.

  • A. different
  • B. complicated
  • C. personal
  • D. similar

8. Hardly one to -------, Josh tackled every project as soon as he got it.

  • A. strive
  • B. volunteer
  • C. procrastinate
  • D. disagree

9. In Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is a particularly ------- character, refusing to give his assistant, Bob Cratchit, a raise, despite his enormous wealth.

  • A. circumspect
  • B. miserly
  • C. generous
  • D. demure

10. Alfred Wegener's theory that the continents are slowly drifting apart has recently been confirmed by instruments that measure very small ------- in land masses.

  • A. locomotion
  • B. adhesion
  • C. punishment
  • D. erosion