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Question: 308

1. By saying that "She was mistaken, however, in thinking she was an ugly child" in line 17, the author means that

  • A. beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  • B. Sara has a distorted view of herself
  • C. to some people, Sara's beauty surpasses Isobel's
  • D. Miss Minchin mistook Sara for Isobel

Correct Answer: B


B The "she" in this sentence is referring to Sara, so (D) and (E) should be eliminated. While Sara "was very firm in her belief that she was an ugly little girl," the author lists specific features Sara possesses that give her "an odd charm of her own" distinct from Isobel, whom Sara does not look like at all. Since the omniscient narrator gives the reader this information about Sara's looks and compares it to Sara's own thoughts, the narrator allows the reader to see that Sara's perception of herself is not entirely accurate.

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