SSAT Reading Question 280: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 280

5. The passage is told from the point of view of

  • A. an adult looking back fondly on his own life
  • B. a child describing his life
  • C. an adult describing another person's life
  • D. a child describing events that happened to someone else

Correct Answer: A


A is correct. The passage is narrated by an adult looking back with obvious fondness on his own happy childhood. The author tells of wonderful summers spent in the country. He also mentions something that happens "thirty years later" when he has children of his own. These clues are enough to determine that the passage was written by an adult and that it concerns his own life. Choices B and D are wrong because the passage is written from the point of view of an adult, not a child. Choice C is wrong because the passage is written in the first person, using pronouns such as I and we, which usually indicate that the passage is autobiographical. Choice E is wrong because the author recalls his childhood with fondness, not regret.

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