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Question: 279

4. The statement that "I never knew any one else have what seemed to me such attractive Christmases, and in the next generation I tried to reproduce them exactly for my own children" (lines 34–38) primarily suggests that the author

  • A. wanted his children to follow his example
  • B. missed the Christmases from his childhood
  • C. went to great lengths trying to recreate his childhood
  • D. carried on certain traditions because he thought his children would enjoy them, too

Correct Answer: D


D is correct. The statement primarily suggests that the author recreated the Christmases of his youth primarily because he wanted his own children to feel the same joy that he had experienced as a child. Choice A is wrong because there is no mention made that the author was setting an example that he wanted his children to follow. Choice B is wrong because the author never states that he misses the Christmases of his youth. Rather, he is reminiscing about some of his favorite childhood memories. Choice C is wrong because the passage does not imply that the author is trying to reproduce his entire childhood, but merely the Christmases of his past. Choice E is wrong because there is no evidence that the author wanted his children to know the value of carrying on traditions.

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