SSAT Reading Question 274: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 274

5. Georgiana's feelings toward Aylmer could best be described as

  • A. bitter
  • B. angry
  • C. happy
  • D. tender

Correct Answer: D


D is correct. Even though Georgiana knows she is dying as a result of Aylmer’s attempt to remove her birthmark, she speaks to Alymer "with more than human tenderness," calling him "My poor Aylmer" and "dearest Aylmer." Her words do not indicate that she is bitter (choice A) or angry (choice B). She may be happy to see that the birthmark is gone, but that does not describe her feelings toward Aylmer, so choice C is wrong. Because she is tender and loving toward her husband, she would not be described as uncaring; thus, choice E is wrong.

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