SSAT Reading Question 271: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 271

2. It can be reasonably inferred from the story that Aylmer

  • A. is a poor man
  • B. does not love his wife
  • C. is trying to kill his wife
  • D. has performed an operation on his wife

Correct Answer: D


D is correct. The first paragraph tells that the birthmark is fading. In the second paragraph Aylmer says, "Success! Success!" indicating that he is responsible for making the birthmark fade. Thus the most reasonable assumption is that Alymer had performed some kind of operation on his wife to remove her birthmark. The presence of a servant indicates that Aylmer is not a poor man, making choice A incorrect. Choices B and C can be eliminated because all the evidence indicates that Aylmer is striving to help his wife by removing the birthmark that "had once blazed with such disastrous brilliancy as to scare away all their happiness." Choice E is wrong because it is Georgiana, not Aylmer, who is dying.

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