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Question: 268

4. The vaccine produced by Jenner in 1796

  • A. completely eradicated smallpox
  • B. was effective only against cowpox
  • C. served as the basis for modern vaccines
  • D. could be used against rabies

Correct Answer: C


C is correct. The answer to this question is found in the second paragraph, which states that "Jenner laid the foundation for modern vaccines" and "started on a course that would ease the suffering of people around the world for centuries to come." Choice A is wrong because it was not until 1980 that "an updated version of Jenner’s vaccine led to the total eradication of smallpox." Choice B is wrong because Jenner used cowpox-producing organisms to make the vaccine that protected people from the more deadly smallpox. Choices D and E are wrong because although Jenner’s work was the basis for the development of vaccines for rabies and typhoid fever, the vaccine Jenner produced in 1796 was for smallpox only.

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