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Question: 239

3. The author was always frightened on his way home from the mill for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

  • A. There were few people on the road at night.
  • B. The woods were full of soldiers.
  • C. He feared having his ears cut off.
  • D. He knew he would be flogged for being late.

Correct Answer: E


E is correct. There is no mention of kidnapping in the passage. Choice A is wrong because the passage states "the road was a lonely one," and this contributed to the author’s fear. Choice B is wrong because the passage says "the woods were said to be full of soldiers who had deserted from the army," another reason for his fear. Choice C is wrong because the author had been told that "the first thing a deserter did to a Negro boy when he found him alone was to cut off his ears." Choice D is wrong because the author knew that when he was late he would "always get a severe scolding or a flogging."

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