SSAT Reading Question 238: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 238

2. The author's "trouble" in line 24 is

  • A. not being able to have the corn ground at the mill
  • B. having to travel alone in the dark
  • C. not being able to reload the corn that had fallen off the horse
  • D. not knowing the way through the woods

Correct Answer: C


C is correct. The author’s "trouble" was not being strong enough to get the corn back up on the horse once it had fallen off. Thus he was forced to wait until someone older and stronger came along to help before he could continue on his way to the mill. Choice A is wrong because the author does eventually get the corn to the mill to be ground. Choice B is wrong because, although the author mentions being afraid to travel at night, this is not the trouble referred to in line 15. Choice D is wrong because the author seems to know his way, and choice E is wrong because the mention of flogging comes much later in the passage.

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