SSAT Reading Question 211: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 211

6. By calling the landscape "a gray wasteland" (line 41), the author implies that

  • A. the landscape was covered with a blanket of dirty snow
  • B. the landscape was littered with garbage and other waste matter
  • C. the trees were all covered with gray ash
  • D. the sun could not penetrate the forest

Correct Answer: E


E is correct. A wasteland is barren land with no vegetation. The author mentions in lines 23-32 that the landslides flattened the forest and concrete-like mudflows scoured river valleys surrounding the mountain. Choice A is wrong because the landscape was covered in volcanic ash, not snow. Choice B is wrong because a wasteland is barren, not covered in waste matter. Choice C is wrong because the trees had been flattened and swept away. Choice D is wrong because the forest was no longer standing.

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