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Question: 169

3. What does Douglass mean by calling for black men to be admitted "fully and completely into the body politic of America"(lines 9–10)?

  • A. They must have the same rights and privileges as all other citizens.
  • B. They must be able to vote.
  • C. They must be able to run for office.
  • D. They must take up arms to defend the Government.

Correct Answer: A


A is correct. The body politic means "the people of a politically organized nation or state." To be fully and completely admitted to the body politic means to have all the rights accorded to any other citizen of the nation or state. Choices B, C, and D are rights and duties that are included in choice A. If black men were considered as a separate class of citizens, they would not be "fully and completely" admitted to the body politic.

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