SSAT Reading Question 164: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 164

4. All of the following can be explicitly answered by the passage EXCEPT:

  • A. What factors contribute to hot temperatures deep inside the Earth?
  • B. Why are some volcanic eruptions explosive while others are not?
  • C. As dangerous as eruptions can be, why do lava flows rarely kill people?
  • D. Why does magma rise and collect in chambers?

Correct Answer: A


A is correct. The passage states that "Deep within the Earth it is so hot that some rocks slowly melt and become a thick flowing substance called magma." However, the passage does not mention the factors that contribute to hot temperatures deep inside the Earth. Choice B is answered in lines 22-37. Choice C is answered in lines 26-27. Choice D is answered in lines 16-18. Choice E is answered in lines 31-33.

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