SSAT Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 30

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Question 15 questions

Time 8 minutes

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1. Fire is to heat as

  • A. cold is to snow
  • B. lamp is to light
  • C. cool is to breeze
  • D. wax is to melt
  • E. music is to listen

2. Browsing is to shopping as

  • A. skimming is to reading
  • B. nodding is to agreeing
  • C. walking is to running
  • D. hiking is to climbing
  • E. seeing is to recognizing

3. Recital is to pianist as exhibit is to

  • A. museum
  • B. clay
  • C. auction
  • D. artist
  • E. gallery

4. Song is to medley as

  • A. series is to book
  • B. collection is to displays
  • C. gumball is to machines
  • D. picture is to collage
  • E. survey is to lists

5. Exercise is to sweat as

  • A. wander is to meander
  • B. reduce is to budget
  • C. harvest is to produce
  • D. accept is to refuse
  • E. vote is to confirm

6. Stamen is to flower as

  • A. computer is to monitor
  • B. lens is to eye
  • C. socket is to cord
  • D. spiral is to notebook
  • E. pillow is to sleep

7. Map is to cartographer as

  • A. club is to golfer
  • B. book is to librarian
  • C. car is to mechanic
  • D. building is to architect
  • E. cake is to baker

8. Baby is to crawling as

  • A. rock is to skipping
  • B. trout is to fishing
  • C. frog is to jumping
  • D. parent is to driving
  • E. bird is to nesting

9. Eraser is to chalkboard as

  • A. mop is to floor
  • B. keyboard is to computer
  • C. ballpoint is to pen
  • D. towel is to soap
  • E. machine is to washing

10. Eager is to fervent as

  • A. tedious is to bored
  • B. glum is to sad
  • C. pleased is to ecstatic
  • D. enraged is to mad
  • E. remorse is to sorrow

11. Bread is to moldy as

  • A. whisker is to hairy
  • B. disease is to sickly
  • C. blood is to scab
  • D. steel is to rusty
  • E. running is to sweaty

12. Dog is to collie as lizard is to

  • A. cage
  • B. chameleon
  • C. reptile
  • D. pet
  • E. desert

13. Chisel is to carving as

  • A. thread is to sewing
  • B. clay is to sculpting
  • C. wheel is to driving
  • D. blender is to mixing
  • E. recipe is to cooking

14. Drop is to break as

  • A. spill is to tip
  • B. stumble is to fall
  • C. adorn is to decorate
  • D. stitch is to sew
  • E. drive is to crash

15. Ruby is to red as amber is to

  • A. brown
  • B. green
  • C. pink
  • D. blue
  • E. purple