SSAT Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 29

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Question 15 questions

Time 8 minutes

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1. Safe is to dangerous as

  • A. taste is to smell
  • B. bland is to spicy
  • C. dry is to fire
  • D. multiplication is to divide
  • E. lazy is to exercise

2. Star is to sky as

  • A. mountain is to valley
  • B. cloud is to sun
  • C. fish is to ocean
  • D. dream is to sleep
  • E. fit is to shoe

3. Cut is to wound as

  • A. storm is to snow
  • B. brick is to building
  • C. drink is to thirst
  • D. save is to money
  • E. cry is to tears

4. Camera is to picture as

  • A. breeze is to fan
  • B. paint is to frame
  • C. brush is to hair
  • D. phone is to call
  • E. horse is to gallop

5. Lumens is to brightness as

  • A. velocity is to speed
  • B. decibel is to volume
  • C. pint is to liquid
  • D. mile is to kilometer
  • E. measure is to depth

6. Book is to writer as

  • A. needle is to doctor
  • B. cavity is to dentist
  • C. truck is to driver
  • D. crop is to farmer
  • E. script is to actor

7. Frigid is to tropical as

  • A. raw is to cooked
  • B. detergent is to clean
  • C. snow is to sunshine
  • D. sleek is to stylish
  • E. beach is to sandy

8. Los Angeles is to California as

  • A. Phoenix is to New Mexico
  • B. Philadelphia is to Pittsburgh
  • C. Houston is to Texas
  • D. state is to country
  • E. Denver is to America

9. Menu is to diner as catalog is to

  • A. cashier
  • B. order
  • C. seller
  • D. purchase
  • E. shopper

10. Cuff is to collar as mouse is to

  • A. keyboard
  • B. cheese
  • C. cat
  • D. trap
  • E. rodent

11. Snake is to belly as

  • A. monkey is to tail
  • B. bear is to hands
  • C. horse is to legs
  • D. pig is to snout
  • E. person is to feet

12. Carat is to diamond as

  • A. calorie is to heat
  • B. liquid is to volume
  • C. perimeter is to inches
  • D. unit is to measurement
  • E. gram is to pound

13. Book is to read as data is to

  • A. analyze
  • B. prove
  • C. submit
  • D. foretell
  • E. conclude

14. Burnish is to polish as

  • A. search is to find
  • B. wash is to rinse
  • C. peel is to scrape
  • D. shine is to glisten
  • E. reinforce is to strengthen

15. Fresh is to rancid as

  • A. heat is to boil
  • B. ripe is to rotten
  • C. molten is to lava
  • D. shed is to discard
  • E. cooked is to burnt